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Faculty International Expertise / Activities
 Faculty NameUnitField of Study
Agoston, Kathryn EOffice of the ProvostMiddle Eastern Studies
Ahn, ChangwooCollege of ScienceEnvironmental Science and Policy
Albanese, MassimilianoVolgenau School of EngineeringInformation Systems
Allen, Susan HSchool for Conflict Analysis & ResolutionConflict Analysis and Resolution
Annetta, LeonardCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentScience Education
Armananzas Arnedillo, RubenKrasnow Institute for Advanced StudyNeuroinformatics
Baily, SupriyaCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentEducation
Balint, PeterSchool of Policy, Government, and International AffairsEnvironmental Policy
Banville, DominiqueCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentPhysical Education
Baranova, AnchaCollege of ScienceSystems Biology
Bemak, Frederic PCollege of Education and Human DevelopmentGlobal Health
Berroa, ReiCollege of Humanities and Social SciencesLiterature
Blaisten-Barojas, EstelaCollege of ScienceComputational Sciences
Bockman, JohannaCollege of Humanities and Social SciencesSociology
Boileau, DonCollege of Humanities and Social SciencesCommunication, Intercultural
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