About the Global Register

What is the Global Register?

Created and maintained by the Office of Global and International Strategies, the Global Register is an interactive global database that captures and displays Mason’s wide range of global activities and expertise. The purpose of this dynamic portal is to promote collaboration both internally, across university units, and externally, between Mason and international partners. For questions or suggestions related to the Global Register, contact Richena Purnell-Sayle at mglobal@gmu.edu.

Who can use the Global Register, and what are the benefits of using it?

The Global Register is available for viewing by Mason’s internal and worldwide audiences. This database offers an extensive yet organized synopsis of Mason’s international relationships, experience, and leadership. The Global Register captures Mason’s global innovations in higher education.

What information does the Global Register contain, and where does it come from?

  • Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding. International MOUs are processed by the Office of Global and International Strategies and uploaded into the Global Register upon approval. This information is helpful in understanding what international relationships Mason has already established.

  • Unit Activities. Information on any international unit activities, such as professional training programs offered by Colleges to international partners or internationally-oriented centers is uploaded by the respective units. This data reveals the many different forms of international activities hosted by Mason. To recommend posting of additional activities from any unit, email Richena Purnell-Sayle at mglobal@gmu.edu.

  • Faculty International Expertise and Activities. Mason benefits from the international and global expertise of its faculty, and the Global Register is a tool to capture and display this valuable information. This self-reported faculty data can be found in faculty profiles on the Global Register. To add your own faculty profile, simply Log In and upload it.

  • International Partner Institutions. It is helpful for Mason faculty and units to be aware of potential international resources and relationships. A list of international partner institutions is automatically generated from uploaded information.

  • Externally Funded International Research. This information, provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs, allows faculty members to view prior and current funding opportunities and inspires potential international research for the future. Updated quarterly.

  • Faculty Degrees Earned Abroad. This information is provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Reporting as well as faculty expertise pages.

  • Joint-Taught or Globally-Networked Courses. These are learning environments where two or more faculty team-teach the same course, exposing students from different backgrounds and cultures to a richly diverse learning experience. This information, provided by the Office of Global and International Strategies shows Mason's activities in this direction.

  • International Media Coverage. Information on international media coverage is uploaded by the units. Applicable international media includes stories about Mason, Mason events, and studies by and articles about Mason professors providing that the university is mentioned within the article. International media coverage of Mason faculty that does not refer to the university can be uploaded on the international expertise and activities page of faculty profiles. To add this information, simply Log In and upload it.

  • International Student Numbers. Provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Reporting. Updated annually.

  • Visiting International Scholars Provided by the Office of International Programs and Services. Updated semiannually.

  • International Student Organizations Provided by the Office of Student Involvement. Updated annually.

  • International Alumni. Provided by the Office of Alumni Affairs. Based on self-reporting and updated annually.